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Pin - Your Bulletin Board To Go.

Pin Manual
 App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
Pin is a document based App like Write, Pages, Free or SimpleEdit.
Thus it behaves in the same way.
How to create a new document
> Menu > File > New

How to open an existing document
> Menu > File > Open…

How to save a document
> Menu > File > Save
How to move a document to the iCloud
> Menu > File > Move To iCloud
Hint: Document needs to be saved once first
Note: An active iCloud account is required

How to open a document from the iCloud
Menu > File > Open From iCloud…
Select desired document and click the ‘Open Button’ or press ‘return’
Hint: This way you can access your documents from other Macs with ease
Note: An active iCloud account is required
How to create new cards
> Menu > Card > New Card
Or by: cmd+return
Or by: Double-click on pinboard (if enabled)
Or by: Swipe up gesture (if enabled)
Hint: You can even create new cards with applied global hotkey in the frontmost document
How to flag cards
Select card
> Menu > Card > Flag Card
Or by: cmd+1 to 7
Or by using the Inspector
How to send notifications (Mountain Lion only)
Select card
Open the Inspector (> Menu > View > Inspector)
Enable 'Send notification for card'
Select time
Hint: The Notification Center doesn't require Pin to be running
How to use a Pin documents as a (kind of) screen saver
Open the document settings (> Menu > View > Settings)
Enable 'Activate in Fullscreen…'
Select time
Hint: You may want to adjust the sleep and screen saver settings